Globe Staff Consulting



Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world leader in wireless communications niche services, focusing on tracking, tracing and Geolocalization of products and people.


The company has developed a mix of security tracking services targeting both businesses, governments and consumers. Our technology assists our customers to be informed in real time of the exact location of products or people, with 2way communication and can be customized to meet additional client requirements. SIMTRACE' innovative product and service offerings provide the best advantages to customers, including the smallest tracking modules with GSM and GPS dual capability and innovative specialty cellular phone models, data capability, all hosted on a ASP server platform. 


At today's breakneck pace of business, companies need more ways than ever to be productive and aware of where their resources are located. GSC innovative product and service offerings provide the following advantages to customers.


A full range of hi-tech tracking devices

Data capability.

An advanced R&D lab, Hardware. Firmware, Telecoms and Software capabilites.

A national network.

Three ways unique localization systems

Real time wireless performance (3G, Edge, Gprs, Wifi, Bluetooth, Radio..)

3D remote movement detection & analysis

Wireless medical telemetry (3G & Gprs Cardio-monitoring..)