Globe Staff Consulting

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world leader in wireless communications niche services, focusing on tracking, tracing and Geolocalization of products and people.


Keys to Success
Timing is critical in business. GSC is taking advantage of an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized industry leader because of certain key advantages:

    • The management team has a unique combination of business knowledge and experience in this market. 
    • GSC has combined its expertise to offer services for every type of customer in this sensitive industry. 
    • GSC has established partnering relationships with leading companies in the industry and customers.


    GSC is committed to continued high levels of customer service and selling to customers the most advanced security wireless products and related services. GSC is striving to become the nation's leading developer of security devices. GSC vision capitalizes on technologically superior products and services and is designed to enhance business and personal safety.


    GSC is one of Frances leaders in the field of wireless security communications. GSC has partnerships with Orange, French Telecom and Thales The company was formed for the purpose of selling and distributing wireless security communications services. Over the course of its existence, the professionals at GSC have been involved in every aspect of designing to the production of their products and services. .