Globe Staff Consulting



Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world leader in wireless communications niche services, focusing on tracking, tracing and Geolocalization of products and people.



1) "We have a good vision of the past and future, unlike any generation before us or a few generations from now."



2) "Examining tracking devices and its threats from a historical perspective lets us learn from past experiences and enables us to reuse old solutions. More importantly, looking back provides us as researchers with inspiration to devise new solutions, so we can lead tracking security research into the future."



3) "We predict that GPS tracking capabilities for children and elderly persons will be a good part of the incoming future.

Our battery powered locators are in the form of a cell phone or a small lightweight device that can be carried by a person, a child or attached to a car. We are able to locate children within just a few meters of their location using a Web browser or our eGeoTrack software.

Geo Fence tracking capability uses GPS, radio and gsm locating technologies to create an invisible fence to define an area of freedom for children, elderly adults and pets. This tracking device sends an alarm to the control Center if the person or pet carrying the device goes beyond a designated border and the same process is applied with our integrated accelerometer motion detector.

This efficient and effective advanced locating and motion detector system coupled with our remote real time medical telemetry eGeoCardio system will be the future of security monitoring. We are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution."

The word "security" means "freedom from risk, danger, doubt, anxiety or fear." Security is peace of mind.
It is about saving lives, helping people feel safe, reducing anxiety and protecting property.